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The Turtle Cove Environmental Research Station is a field research and educational /outreach facility of Southeastern Louisiana University and is located in the Lake Pontchartrain estuarine ecosystem.

Because of its location at the upper end of this major estuary, Turtle Cove is within one hour by boat of various wetland environments and their aquatic counterparts. These environments range from entirely fresh to moderately saline environments and include bottomland hardwood forests, bald cypress swamps, and fresh and intermediate marshes.

Moreover, each of these habitat types exists in relatively undisturbed, degraded, and restored states, thus facilitating comparative research. Because of its unique location and characteristics, this facility complements other field stations in the state and across the nation. With a rich regional history, a broad group of interdisciplinary users (in both the natural and socio-economic sciences), and a competent staff, Turtle Cove is "in the right spot" to help lead the study of our coastal wetlands and other environmental issues in Southeast Louisiana. For more information, visit our educational outreach activities and learn more about recent research projects.
























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