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  • Member of the Louisiana Beekeepers Association
  • Member of Tangi-Tammington Beekeepers Association
  • Member of capital Area beekeepers Association
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38233 Lee's Landing Rd.
Ponchatoula, La 70454


In google map, we are listed as Honey Bee Removal.

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Bee Man  From the fertile farm land of Ponchatoula, to the moist soil of our 
  Louisiana wetlands, "Ponchatoula's Best Unpasteurized Honey" is a 
  "Certified Cajun Product of Louisiana" harvested from bee hives  
  tucked away in rural, secluded bee yards. The result is a select  
  blend of pure Louisiana table grade honey for everyone to enjoy!

Ponchatoula's Best is a small family owned business, located in the most rural area of Ponchatoula. To be able to appreciate our remote location go to "google earth" and view the vast undeveloped land that surrounds our small farm. Once you are in google earth, you are at the Honey Bee Removal page which is the parent company of Ponchatoula's Best. The "A" pin is the street view of our driveway leading into our property.

The item to the right is our new go to gift box that is a perfect thank you gift to send to your friends, family or co-workers. Click here for more info.

There are two other ways you can purchase our unpasteurized honey. From this web site, click here (fast shipping) or visit one of our local dealers, click here  to see a list of our dealers.

One main nectar source that we have in abundance, is the "tallow" tree. Once you taste tallow honey, you will measure the flavor of all  honey to it! It is the only honey that I know of that tastes like liquid candy.

Traditionally one would prefer a local honey from their own area. As honey lovers, we believe that honey is a pure product that should also be enjoyed for it's flavor as one would enjoy a fine wine! When we travel to one of our favorite vacation areas, one of the things we do is hunt down the local beekeeper.

America consumes twice the amount of honey it produces. Such a great nation is the USA, it seems that something is veryAmerican Bee wrong with these numbers. Can you imagine consuming a liquid from a third world country? Do you think they have the same standards that we mandate on ourselves? That is where a lot of the honey Americans consume comes from! We are the bread basket of the world and though a blind eye we are throwing it away as fast as we can! Weren't we taught not to drink the water when we visit foreign lands, but its ok to consume their honey, a liquid? Buy American produced honey!